• Internet of Things

    Global Deployment and Management of IoT/M2M Project with Full Security, Best Signal Service and Best Price Guarantee

  • Personal Hotspot

    Global Mobile Data Coverage with Best Signal Service at Best Price Guarantee

  • SMS Gateway

    Launch your Global SMS Marketing and Customer Service at Best Price Guarantee

  • Wholesale Services

    Global Voice and Data Wholesales at Premium Quality with a Best Price Guarantee

  • Unified Communications & Collaboration

    A Turn-Key UCC Solution to Answer all your UCC Needs with a Global Coverage, Premium Quality and at Best Price Guarantee

  • Global Resilient Connectivity

    with +600 networks in +180 countries, deploy and manage your IoT/M2M project

    Best Price. Guarantee! 

  • Mobile Data Package

    local, regional and global mobile data packages for personal hotspot and M2M services

    Best Price. Guarantee! 

  • SMS Gateway

    launch your global SMS marketing and customer service campaign

    Best Price. Guarantee!

  • Wholesale Services

    global Voice and Data wholesale at premium quality

    Best Price. Guarantee!

  • Unified Communications & Collaboration

    a Turn-Key UCC solution with a global coverage and premium quality

    Best Price. Guarantee!

We offer various advanced telecom products and services with global coverage, premium quality and a best price. Guarantee!
We act as a reseller of leading networks and service providers worldwide, which enable us to leverage our position and offer you the best solution at the best possible price. Guarantee!
For nearly 20 years, we provide telecom services to corporate customers across Europe. Our portfolio of products includes Voice Termination, Data Connectivity (both mobile and fix), SMS gateway based services, and full Internet of Things (IoT/M2M) solution for any size of project with best global coverage, best signal regional roaming and at a best price. Guarantee!
Most of our connectivity services are provided as Software as a Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Simple to set-up and connect to answer your needs, and at a best price. Guarantee!

Why Extrafon?

Extrafon is a Swiss based telecom service operator with over 20 years of experience. We enjoy from a well-established global connectivity with +600 partners in +180 countries. Our IoT / M2M connectivity is based on a single SIM with full global and local roaming to ensure best signal. Our mobile connectivity is offered as an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

We support any type of SIM, all mobile networks, various security options including private APN, VPN, IP SEC and fixed IP. In addition, we offer an advance portal for asset management to deploy and manage your IoT / M2M devices.

We leverage our experience and long term relationships with the leading networks to offer you mobile connectivity at the best price. Guarantee!

Internet of Things (IoT/M2M)

Connect, manage and control your IoT/M2M devices with a comprehensive platform with full security, global coverage and at the best price. Guaranteed!

Mobile Data / Hotspot & Mi-Fi

Local, regional and global data mobile package and wholesale offering for Personal Hotspot, with no exceeds charges and at the best price. Guaranteed!

SMS Gateway

A leading SMS Gateway platform for marketing & customer service messaging with full security, global coverage and at the best price. Guaranteed!

SIP Trunk

A leading SMS Gateway platform for marketing & customer service messaging with full security, global coverage and at the best price. Guaranteed!

Wholesales Termination

A leading SMS Gateway platform for marketing & customer service messaging with full security, global coverage and at the best price. Guaranteed!

The Best Features for Your IoT/M2M Business

  • Connect

    Data, SMS and USSD services supported. Global cellular service through a single, operator-agnostic SIM. Best available coverage through unrestricted network selection.

  • Manage

    Configure and manage device connectivity. Align SIM life-cycle management with business processes. Control and monitor cost and usage.

  • Integrate

    Optimize business processes via simple API integration. Utilize communication capabilities with any IoT/M2M application. Incorporate your IoT/M2M devices into your network infrastructure.

  • Secure

    Encrypt communication between devices and applications. Protect devices from rogue communication. Lock SIMs to specific devices to prevent unauthorized usage.

  • Monetize

    Deploy subscription models to generate new revenue streams. Instantly launch end-user billing functionality with zero integration. Create consistent customer experiences through branded payment portal.


iGlobeSIM is designed to support and connect a wide range of applications with varying requirements such as massive volumes of worldwide broadband traffic, handling critical M2M applications with real-time big-data analysis; voice and mobile-broadband traffic on the same platform; personal hotspot, and even high-end & heavy broadband usage of in-car entertainment and video surveillance. One SIM for all your needs.


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